Saturday, November 29, 2014

1/4222 scale Utar Shipment

I got a really cool package in the mail today.  Lots of cool new Utar Ships castings. The big ship is the Victory II frigate:

Two different scale Millennium Falcon's. The larger is 1/2256 and the smaller is 1/4222.

A new casting of the Sundered Heart, Republic Light Assault Cruiser, Republic Consular Cruiser, the Wild Karrde( Action VI freighter), the Outrider, the Falcon, Slave I, and Slave II. Also, two Imperial landing shuttles.

No idea yet how I'm going to manage painting the smaller ships, but I do love a challenge. Should be enough to keep me busy for a while.

Dagger Class Star Destroyer: WIP

Finally had some time to work a little more on the Dagger Class Star Destroyer. After doing a rough build in plain styrene, I finally started cutting the laser etched stock. It made me a little nervous to be working with this stuff, I only have enough to make one build so I really didn't want to mess up.

I cut out the top hull parts and added some brass rod to help give strength to the model.

Here you can see the etched panel lines. I'm using putty to fill the seam.

The reactor plate. Still not sure what I'm going to do for the engines, but it gives me a good base for getting the hull angles right.

Adding the side trenches:

Bottom hull parts cut out:

 Detailing the trenches with various parts.:

Paper cut out for the super structure. Still need to cut out the parts in styrene. I tried adding a little detail to the edges. The styrene strip on the side is to wide, so I will have to take it off and start over.

Still a lot more to do on this one!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

1/4222 Dagger Class Star Destroyer

From time to time, I browse DeviantArt looking for new ideas to build. Most are designs that I could never hope to build, but sometimes I come across a ship that just might be doable like the Dagger class. Following the classic Star Destroyer lines, this mostly angular ship should be within my abilities to scratch build.

Here is the only reference picture that I have to work with, It has a Lambda shuttle in the foreground for some sense of size.

 I started out with trying to make a top view of the ship so have a pattern for cutting out the styrene:

 This was far to wide and so I revised it again. During this process I found out that trying to draw a top view from only a perspective shot it really hard. 

 After posting to the Starship Modeler Facebook page for help, a friend posted this image. Still seamed a bit skinny, but was a huge help.

I combined his image and mine to produce this, my working template for the build:

After lots of thought, I decided to go with a 4 inch length for my build in 1/4222 scale. The designer of the ship never listed any "official" length, so I used a 1/4222 Utar Ships Lambda shuttle to get an estimate of 440 meters for the "real" ship.

I have plans to maybe make a kit out this build, but that all depends on me getting permission from the designer to do so, so far have not heard back from him. In the mean time, Nicholas Sagan (a pro-builder from Keeper of the Force) sent me lots of supplies. I even have some laser etched stryrene to build the hull from!

I decided to do a test build in plain styrene first. This way I can work out the bugs in the process before moving on to the good stuff.

Adding a little detail to the sides with sheet styrene:

Adding the engine plate and the side trenches:

And lastly, a comparison pic with the .JPG Interdictor kit. I'm using it as a reference point for detailing. 

Feeling pretty good about this one so far. Now to see how far I can take it.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

1/4222 Star Wars Fleet

This is where my 1/4222 scale Star Wars Fleet stands at the moment.  So far, I have growing Rebel, Old Republic, and Imperial Navies.  I have recently started a Smuggler's fleet to add to the collection.

Rebel Fleet:

Old Republic Fleet:

Imperial Fleet:

Full 1/4222 Fleet:

1/4222 Imperial Shuttles

Another quick little build for the growing 1/4222 Fleet.  Again from Utar Ships, these little shuttles are amazing for their size.

The first shuttle is the Lambda Class as seen in "Return of the Jedi",  followed by the Sentinel-class seen in the special edition of "A New Hope".

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Blockade Runners

Finished pics of the 1/4222 Blockade Runners.

Up first, Bail Organa's Sundered Heart as seen in Episode III Revenge of the Sith.

Followed by Princess Leia's Tantive IV as seen in the opening to Episode IV A New Hope:

And lastly, my rendition of the original Millennium Falcon model:



 Group shot of my growing Rebel Fleet:

1/4222 GR-75

"Two fighters against a Star Destroyer?"   Yeah, I really am that nerdy.  Here is a small addition to my growing 1/4222 scale fleet, the GR-75 troop transport with X-Wing escorts.

Here is the size of the X-Wings:

 And now the transport: